Monday, December 9, 2013

My boy!!

I am finally starting to feel better. Thank goodness! I'm better just in time to enjoy the beautiful, balmy weather here in Utah. My thermometer says it is 6 degrees. It warmed up. Thank goodness for hot chocolate.
This past week and a half has been filled with joy.
It started out with Thanksgiving dinner at my moms house. I love being with most of my family. The shape and size of the group keeps changing and at times I feel like I can't keep track of everybody but the feeling remains the same. Warm. It has nothing to do with temperature but instead means the same food, the same stupid jokes, and since my stroke happened right around now, I am so thankful to be with some of the people I love.
On Saturday, we were lucky enough to have the Carlson fam over for another Thanksgiving. I was so blessed to have in-laws who I actually enjoy hanging out with. I sure love them.
On Wednesday, the Laurels (16, 17 yrs,) came over to decorate my Christmas Tree. I love where I live. My hands and lack of balance makes doing it myself next to impossible. They are truly kind. And they did a great job, huh?
Thank you, girls!

She actually wanted her picture taken. It's a Christmas miracle!

And lastly, but most importantly, Tommy chose to be Baptized! He was the one on that day so he felt so special. He knew everybody was there just for him. He said it was the best day ever. Seeing Robert baptize him and then confirm him a member of the church brought tears to my...eye. I am so blessed to have a son make such a great choice and to have a husband who has the power and authority to perform such ordinances for him. For the lunch after he asked for Subway. So instead of cooking or worrying about food, we all got to actually enjoy having everybody over.
And, predictabally, he was yanking off his suit in the mud room. Heaven forbid he should be out of pajamas for any longer than necessary.

That night Jain was baptizing her doll. That was a bit odd but totally funny.
And, of course, Christmas is almost here! I love Christmas! While I was sick, I got all my shopping done. Robert said this was by far my most expensive case of Pneumonia ever. And thanks to my numerous visits to the doctor, the Stallings can also thank me for their Christmas. I'm so generous.
And now I must be off to get in a blanket and sit by the fire. It has warmed up since I started writing. It's clear up to 8 degrees. Toasty.

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