Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Davis County Schools Foundation

A while ago our family was asked to be a part of a back to school shopping spree given by the Davis School Foundation. I'm not going to lie, I felt a bit sheepish for accepting. I know that there are many children less fortunate than mine and, frankly, we seemed undeserving.
I talked to my sister who works for another district and she assured me that it was not only for financial difficulties and that I should accept with no reservations. I also spoke with a few others, including Robert, who reminded me that aside from the financial, (which is still going on) think of the things my kids miss out on. I can not go on field trips, can't volunteer in their classes,  can't walk with them to and from school, and when they get home it is usually to an exhausted mom who can barely sit up long enough to help with homework. Admittedly, I love reading time because it can be done on the couch or on my bed and usually involves snuggling.
So I sent them on the shopping spree, with just a hint of reluctance. Parents were not allowed so I had to wait at home. Again, my saintly sister stepped in and offered to go with Jain.
When they returned, Aleq made me stay in my room with the door closed. I could hear giggling and everyone talking at once. Aleq kept yelling from the living room to be sure that I was not peeking. It was like a reverse Christmas.
Finally I was allowed out and they (with Wendy's help) had laid all their treasures on the floor for me to see.  It covered every surface. They had smiles that nearly blinded me and they could not stop talking! I heard all about their one on one volunteer, friends they saw that don't go to their school, their amazing new shoes (complete with a running demonstration) and on and on. Their excitement was catching and I found myself near tears.
That night when Daddy got home, he asked about every detail and they were all happy to share.
Even after school has started, they get happy every time they get to wear their new clothes and when they see another kid with a matching back pack (every child received one) they have to go talk with them or yell to them. They are part of a cool new club.
Thank you, Davis Schools for thinking of my kids. It did and is continuing to make them feel special and happy!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy 40th

I realize that many people want to just ignore birthdays and especially their 40th birthday. But I am very blessed to be around to see mine!! I can't even describe how much I love milestones like this. Every one of them is so wonderful to reach and I feel a little thrill each time I realize that I get more time with my family!
Robert had a big party for me and we figure we had about 70 people stop by. He had Subway sandwiches, a cake, lots of desserts, and people told some pretty interesting (embarrassing) stories about me.
But my favorite thing was when Robert showed be the cake and there was only a 4 candle. No zero. He gave a blue bag from Tiffany and inside was a beautiful round necklace. The zero.

Our own "Tiffany" moment. Awww

Opening the gift.

Thank you cousin, Brittany for taking these!

Jain had to add her own touches to the cake.
Seriously, Robert made the whole day rock and I loved seeing all these friends and family!! It was definitely a day worth celebrating.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Because It's My Blog

The other day I took the kids over to buy some lemonade from the neighbors. There were 7 little kids there when some older boys showed up. The boys threw out some words, one in particular, that I could not believe. I politely asked them to watch their language around the kids and they were contrite and apologized.
When we walked away, Aleq had huge eyes and Tommy told me that he had never heard anyone use that word. Jain had not heard and whispered incredulously, "Did he say shut up?" That was the worst thing she could think that someone would say.

Because this is my blog, I am posting pictures of our trip so Sun Valley and some other stuff. Just because I want to.

After Jain gets her hair cut, she hangs out with the owner, Perry.

Hugh Hefner/Sito

Aleq fell asleep on Tommy on the way home from Sun Valley.

Aubrie going through Jains purse. This was just before Jain freaked.

Jain hanging out by the pond.

Swing, batter!

Aleq is getting pretty good at this!

Will and Matthew retrieving the soccer ball.  I'm still not sure why they had their game right next to the pond.

Beautiful, huh?

They were usind shaving cream to help me clean the counter.


Her earring fell out so she had to have it pierced again.  Poor girl.