Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I read today that StephanieNielson has written a book. Woohoo! She should.  And she said it was mostly as a gift to her children. That made me think, they are the most important audience. So, aside from making this a journal for me, I need to write for them.
Along those lines, I have written down some things that the kids said. But Robert is always telling me to put them in two places and this seems like a good place. . This will be a mommy proud moment so beware!!
Both boys:
Chicken Pop Leghorn=Foghorn Leghorn
verse is the verb of VS.

Not RC Willey but OUR C Willey
Robert told Aleq he could mow the lawn soon. He said, "No, Sito is my henchman. I"ll just watch."
While I was living with my mom, Aleq brought me things every day for a while. Some were pictures he made, others were gum wrappers or dryer sheets. But he wanted me to know he was thinking of me.
He asked if there were any skills that he had inherited or had been passed down by his family.  I said I would have to think on that one. He replied that I taught him to never give up.
golfing=golf coursing
I was looking on the internet and didn't buy anything. He said, "Good dog. Heres your treat."
It stunk outside and he said he was trying to breathe out of his eyes.

Sprankle aimed=sprained ankle
jumpng drops=rain drops inpuddle
"I need more life coverage."
He cried (sobbed) in Toy Story 3
Sitting in Roberts lap, he pointed to the lap and said, "Dad,this is your favorite part, huh?"
crying=eye juice
He plays Lego video games and now runs stiff legged and gets coins (goink) everywhere. The store, driving, etc.
Clearfiels romantic center-aquatic center
"mom, I'm doing balalet dancing!"
He hums along to all songs and the hum sounds like he is playing a comb.
just a beaver=Justin Beiber
bikini bread=zuchini bread
Robert had his eyes closed and Sito shone the flashlight over his head and asked, "Can you see your dreams, dad?"

Ana Jain:
"I super love you but I don'y love your owies. They are super really owies."
She or he=Tell Wendy to go to SHES house.
She got a new teacher and a new school. I asked if she would be Miss Katie to which she replied, "She already IS Miss Katie!"
Papa and Nenni moved back to her.
When saying goodbye to Maddie Stallings (going away to school) both of them cried.
She says I have a lot of belly buttons (scars).
things are too.  Too-licious, too-nected, too-leted
beep bop=flip flop
She calls the hotel a show & tell. After the boys corrected her she called it the ho & tell.
"Mom, if you get better, you will be like the picture when you married daddy. I don't like that. I like your face strokey."

They say funny things all the time but these are the hi lites.

I was talking with a friend yesterday and explaining that seemingly little illnesses, like a cold or stomache bug, knock me flat and can quickly turn into pneumonia if I don't take precautions. I wash my hands a lot, avoid big crowds, and do what I can to avoid illness. But church, Temple etc. are always big crowds. I figure that if Heavenly Father wants me to be a part of these things, He will have to help my immune system (said with a smile and a shrug). But there was a time when even church was impossible. One on one visits were best, at times I had to aviod my own family, and I spent a lot of time cooped up inside watching HG TV. I learned a couple things from that. First, my decorating skills are inadequate, and second, texts, phone calls, cards, or one on one small group visits are a life saver. Sometimes literally. I have been thinking a lot about my friend, D.A., who is having some serious health issues and needs to avoid illness at all costs. I'm sure that depression and fear are her constant companions and knowing that she is not forgotten can make the difference between despair and a happy heart. I hope I can teach my kids that it doesn't matter how big or little your service is. The person receiving it craves the thought put into it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brand New

I never did get Matt to change my other blog; it was by invitation only and I wasn't invited TO MY OWN BLOG! So I am making a totally new one. Again, it's also a journal of sorts so if nobody wants to read this, I do, so there!
I was asked to speak at a RS dinner on Thursday about overcoming adversity. I feel very uncomfortable with this because people often praise me or give me too much credit. I am really just making it up as I go. Sure, I have been through some terrible things, but we all have, Mine is just very visible. Some days I am angry, tearful, jealous, and very tired. It is really the people around me who should take credit for getting me through this. If ever I start to get overwhelmed, I get a text from Robert, a call from a friend, dinner dropped off, or even one of my kids cheering me up. Just yesterday I was lying on my bed, exhausted from doing nothing, and Aleq came in with a glass of water and asked if I needed a massage. I mean seriously, how can I have a bad attitude with that?
Also, I can never forget how blessed I have been! I feel that my family and I are just taken care of. Every minute of every day. I am blessed with relatively good health, a super fun and sweet family, and true happiness. I am so blessed that the Lord trusted me enough to allow this to happen to my body and show His power. I am a very literal walking miracle.
So yes, I take every opportunity I can to tell others how the Lord has and is working in my life. It is amazing to me, too, and I just want to shout it from the roof tops! I feel like it's my chance and responsibility to share with anybody who will listen, just a bit of what I have been given.
Today in RS, Tiffany Dixon commented that I am a great example of learning to laugh. It made me feel really good. I'm glad she sees me like that. Some people probably don't think my humor about my stroke is really that funny and yes, some things are not joking matters, but some of this is just plain absurd! And if I can't laugh about it, it seems scary or bigger than it really is. And really, when Robert says says everything is worth it just for the good parking, tell me that's not funny!
Also in church  Tommy decided he wanted to bear his testimony. Robert walked him up and then whispered to him what to say. Clear as day he said he wanted to BURY his testimony and at one point said, "what?" It was totally cute and funny.  I was so happy and proud seeing them up there!
Also tonight we were eating brownies and Tommy was on his 3rd and I playfully said, Sito! (his nickname) He leaned back in his chair and very seriously, like confessing, said, "I have a brownie problem." It made us all laugh!
All moms (should) think this but my kids rock!