Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm Famous

It has been a long time since my last post. Really no excuses, I haven't even been super busy, just tired. Every time I look at my computer I just feel exhausted. I have been like this for weeks, only wanting to do the necessary activities and then reading or playing Legos with the kids or even just watching TV with Robert. I am thinking that a. I'm lazy b. It's winter and I just want to stay home and be warm c. The stroke is still causing general fatigue or d. I'm lazy. It's probably a combo.
Anyway, Christmas was really fun. Being sick in November and having nothing to do all day but shop on the computer really made the season a lot less stressful. The kids were thrilled with what Santa brought and loved hanging out with all the cousins. Like Robert says, someone sneezes and my whole family gets together.
We got real with Aleq. He was not at all surprised (school) and seemed to relish being in the know and helping where we needed him. Our  motto around here is don't ask questions around Christmas. Things may come in the mail or wrapped gifts from Grandma may appear under the tree, but we always refrain from too many questions. Aleq was a big help with this and never let any of us forget it.
Our 14th anniversary was on the 29th. We celebrated on the 28th with dinner at our favorite restaurant, the ever so fancy Red Iguana, with out good friends, Scott and Karen. I think Scott and Karen take us along so they can get good parking. The Handicapped space is directly in front of the door so we can just wait in the car for our name to be called. Even with the car off it's still warmer than standing outside. And after 14 years, Robert and I not only still really love each other, but we actually LIKE each other. We are a team. We have whole conversations that are nothing but movie lines or inside jokes and totally understand each other. We can be at church or the store or whatever and hear something and both burst out laughing or roll our eyes or just nod to each other because we both thought of the same thing. I still count the hours until he comes home from work and I always feel just a little happier knowing he is here, even if we are in different rooms. I'm glad families can be together forever.
New Years was again spent with my family but because most of the kids are little, the party ended at about 9 and at midnight all 3 kids were asleep and Robert and I paused our movie just long enough to wish one another Happy New Year. We could hear the fireworks and noise makers but I was just hoping the kids stayed asleep. How old and lame are we?  
Now the kids are back in school, Robert is working regular hours, and the house is quiet for about 3 hours a day (1/2 day kindergarten) and though I love them all and like when they get home, this is my time and I sure like it!!
Lastly, just today I got an email from the National Stroke Association that they published my story. I'm famous. Okay, not all that famous. It is on the NSA website and I'm not even totally sure of where on there I could find it, I just have a link. But it's as famous as I'll ever get so I'm taking it. The picture on there is exceptionally bad because I was only looking at thumbnails. Now that it's bigger...I HATE IT. But whatever, I'm published. Kinda.

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