Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eye Roll and Chuckle

My family has been funny lately. Okay, they are often funny, but the last few days they have been making me laugh even more.

Aleq:  I want to get a good education but they trap you in there for over 6 hours!

Tommy:  (apologetically) I chase girls and girls chase me, and I like it.

Ana Jain:  Momma, am I being good for goodness sake? 
                  The other day she lost her stuffed, pink, poodle. After looking for over an hour with  no             success, she suddenly lit up.  "I know how to find Poodle! I can smell his foot prints!" She then crawled all over the house sniffing the carpet. Sadly, it didn't work but she found it later. I have a feeling one of the boys knew where to look.
Robert:  I have felt for a long time that it was very cruel/darkly funny that invalid could also mean not valid. When Robert came home from back surgery, he started telling me that he was INvalid. He continues to use that every time he needs me to do something. Yep, he is going to Hell.

I sure love them.

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