Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Today is my dad's 71st birthday. I listened to "Drive" by The Cars, quoted a few of his favorite sayings like, "The church is true only after 10:00" and made cookies in his honor. I miss him. A lot. Every day.
Dad and Mom in love forever
Jain asked me what kind of cake he was having in Heaven. I told her carrot cake. Then I asked her what present she thought he was getting. She said a little doll that looks like grandma.

Today I took Aleq to soccer practice at a school and had a few minutes to kill so I let Tommy and Ana Jain play.  Since it was in the evening, I drove right up by the playground, which is on school grounds so I really should not have done it. But that's me, a total rebel.
After about a minute, about 30 little kids and a few adults ran up to play. It must have been a (way) after school program or something. I had the windows down and could hear a lot of questions about why a car was by the school.
Then one little girl, looking to be around 7 or 8, walked right up to my car and asked why I was parked there. She wasn't upset, just curious. I told her that I was only there for a minute but now that there were so many cute kids, I should really move. She accepted my answer but didn't go play, instead just looking at me for a second before asking, "What happened to your mouth?" Again, pleasantly curious.
I told her that I had an owie in my head that made my face look funny. She said, "That happened to my mom once. She went to the doctor and they fixed it." I told her that was a great idea and maybe I should call my doctor.
She was adorable! Aside from her talking to strangers, I thought that her mom should be proud of this little girl. She was truly concerned about me and super sweet about it.  She made me happy.
And as for calling my doctor, which one (of the 4 I see regularly) do I pick? Decisions, decisions. If only...

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