Thursday, September 5, 2013


Inside the school is a big fish tank. It is the main decoration in the main entrance. So I was not surprised when Tommy told me that he and his friends had been playing by and looking at the fish.
A few days ago he told me that he and his friend were touching the water. Then on Tuesday he told me that his friend had caught a fish with his hand, taken it outside, and then put it down a sewer where they thought they could see it swim. I did not believe. At all. A 7 year old making things up to impress his friends.
Yesterday Tommy came running in after school, proudly holding his water bottle. "Look inside, Mom!"
So I did.
Inside the water bottle

I know it should have been a teaching moment but I could not keep a straight face. And I was totally impressed with the reflexes required to catch it with bare hands!
After I calmed down, we had a little chat and then I made sure he took it back this morning. Unfortunately he didn't quite make it to the office and instead took it to his class where his teacher saw all the boys trying to touch the poor thing.
He was sent to the principals office where he and his friend had a talk with her reiterating what I had said at home. The whole stealing is wrong especially LIVING things.
When I spoke with her later, the Principal and I had a good laugh.
Good grief, boy!

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