Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Salad Days

The first days after my stroke were very scary for all involved. We didn't know from one minute to the next if I would live. After the initial days, I was still so fragile and as the days turned into weeks, my medical status went up and down. Even when I got discarged from the hospital I was far from stable all the time. I required numerous trips to my Doc, the ER, etc. Needless to say, I needed every prayer that people could offer.
Every prayer is important. Listening to my children talk to their Heavenly Father is proof of that. I feel the Spirit so strongly when they open up their little hearts to The Lord.
Yes, every prayer is important, heard and answered. But I want to remember one certain prayer.
Our Bishop's father was the personal secretary to President Gordon B. Hinckley and, very kindly, asked him to pray for me. When President Hinckley met with the 12 Apostles, they offered a prayer in my behalf. My Bishop's father didn't need to do that and certainly President Hinckley had things that were very important to many people. But the time was taken, I was thought of, and I know I was blessed by this prayer.
Weeks later, my mother-in-law was in her ward in St. George and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was visiting. Geraldine recounted this story to him and thanked him. He told her that he was sorry that we needed them to pray for us. He said that when President Hinckley prayed, it was very powerful and that he knew everything would be all right.
And everything is all right. Maybe not the way I had panned but we have been so blessed!
Our friend used to remark that the early days of marriage, before the responsibility of parenthood and real life, were the salad days. Happy days. Robert and I think that these are our salad days. We are genuinely happy. Most days.
Our life isn't perfect, but it is wonderful.

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