Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sun Valley 2013

We went to Sun Valley again this year, of course. I just love that place. Again, we did a whole lot of nothing. We swam, ate at the same places, swam, visited all the same shops, swam, hung out every night by the duck pond, and swam some more. By the end of the trip all the kids had sore eyes and torn up feet from the pools and they could not have been happier. They even got to see Despicable Me 2 so they were in heaven.
If you have been watching the news you know that there was recently a huge forest fire in that area. It is beautiful country and I hate to see any of it destroyed. I sure love that place.

Robert, Tommy, Aleq, and the ever-happy-to-have-her-picture-taken Ana Jain
He never thought he would see a Bugatti and he saw 4!

Tommy doing what he loves

The winning team doing...something

Totally beautiful

Redfish  Lake
My brave girl. This angle makes the rocks look close but they weren't. I'm not THAT bad of a parent.

Of course soccer every night


The Tooth Fairy made a stop


Often when I walk, I touch walls just for the feedback to my brain. While we were there, Wendy and I decided to get foot massages so we went into a place in Ketchum. As soon as I entered I reached over to touch/lean on the wall. Um, yeah, it was a paper screen. It was a quiet place with soft music playing and Wendy and I could not laughing. Loudly. We tried to muffle or stop but you know how you laugh even more when you are not supposed to? The rest of the time up there she would whisper, "not a real wall" and we would burst out laughing all over again.

We are already excited for next year!!


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