Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!!

Yet another blessing. Jain got hurt at school on Thursday and her teacher called me to come and get her. It was nothing too serious. I was able to go get her and give her chocolate milk and snuggles. It is just these little things that would not even matter to most people, that make me realize, once again, how truly blessed I am. I was there to pick up my girl from school. I was there to pick up my girl from school.
I knew she must be hurt because she missed the Valentines day party at school. Sad little girl.
Wendy made her adorable outfit.

I'm actually quite proud of her hair. It took way too long and she was very patient with me.

I got to help in Tommy's class on Valentines. I haven't been able to do that-well-ever. For any of the kids. I really didn't do anything but bring ice cream but Tommy was totally excited for me to be there and it was fun to watch the kids.

He said he didn't work very hard because his imagination did it all. Some of the kids in his class were very hesitant while putting in their cards-They were a bit afraid that the monster would "get" them.

Does it get better than sweet little boys/friends?
I had a heart shaped pizza (Papa Murphey's), red V8, and pink and white donuts (Krispy Kreme) for our dinner. Yeah, I was lazy, but the kids thought it was cool.

On Saturday, Robert and I went for our romantic dinner. Okay, it can not be overly romantic at Red Iguana, but whatever.  The food is good. Plus, the 45 minute wait isn't so bad when the handicapped parking is directly in front of the door, so we just cracked the sun roof so we could hear, and watched an episode of The Simpsons while we waited. Could it get more romantic?

I had the sister missionaries over to lunch this last week and they shared this video with me. I loved it! I hope you do, too.

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