Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy 40th

I realize that many people want to just ignore birthdays and especially their 40th birthday. But I am very blessed to be around to see mine!! I can't even describe how much I love milestones like this. Every one of them is so wonderful to reach and I feel a little thrill each time I realize that I get more time with my family!
Robert had a big party for me and we figure we had about 70 people stop by. He had Subway sandwiches, a cake, lots of desserts, and people told some pretty interesting (embarrassing) stories about me.
But my favorite thing was when Robert showed be the cake and there was only a 4 candle. No zero. He gave a blue bag from Tiffany and inside was a beautiful round necklace. The zero.

Our own "Tiffany" moment. Awww

Opening the gift.

Thank you cousin, Brittany for taking these!

Jain had to add her own touches to the cake.
Seriously, Robert made the whole day rock and I loved seeing all these friends and family!! It was definitely a day worth celebrating.

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