Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Davis County Schools Foundation

A while ago our family was asked to be a part of a back to school shopping spree given by the Davis School Foundation. I'm not going to lie, I felt a bit sheepish for accepting. I know that there are many children less fortunate than mine and, frankly, we seemed undeserving.
I talked to my sister who works for another district and she assured me that it was not only for financial difficulties and that I should accept with no reservations. I also spoke with a few others, including Robert, who reminded me that aside from the financial, (which is still going on) think of the things my kids miss out on. I can not go on field trips, can't volunteer in their classes,  can't walk with them to and from school, and when they get home it is usually to an exhausted mom who can barely sit up long enough to help with homework. Admittedly, I love reading time because it can be done on the couch or on my bed and usually involves snuggling.
So I sent them on the shopping spree, with just a hint of reluctance. Parents were not allowed so I had to wait at home. Again, my saintly sister stepped in and offered to go with Jain.
When they returned, Aleq made me stay in my room with the door closed. I could hear giggling and everyone talking at once. Aleq kept yelling from the living room to be sure that I was not peeking. It was like a reverse Christmas.
Finally I was allowed out and they (with Wendy's help) had laid all their treasures on the floor for me to see.  It covered every surface. They had smiles that nearly blinded me and they could not stop talking! I heard all about their one on one volunteer, friends they saw that don't go to their school, their amazing new shoes (complete with a running demonstration) and on and on. Their excitement was catching and I found myself near tears.
That night when Daddy got home, he asked about every detail and they were all happy to share.
Even after school has started, they get happy every time they get to wear their new clothes and when they see another kid with a matching back pack (every child received one) they have to go talk with them or yell to them. They are part of a cool new club.
Thank you, Davis Schools for thinking of my kids. It did and is continuing to make them feel special and happy!!

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