Friday, August 1, 2014

Because It's My Blog

The other day I took the kids over to buy some lemonade from the neighbors. There were 7 little kids there when some older boys showed up. The boys threw out some words, one in particular, that I could not believe. I politely asked them to watch their language around the kids and they were contrite and apologized.
When we walked away, Aleq had huge eyes and Tommy told me that he had never heard anyone use that word. Jain had not heard and whispered incredulously, "Did he say shut up?" That was the worst thing she could think that someone would say.

Because this is my blog, I am posting pictures of our trip so Sun Valley and some other stuff. Just because I want to.

After Jain gets her hair cut, she hangs out with the owner, Perry.

Hugh Hefner/Sito

Aleq fell asleep on Tommy on the way home from Sun Valley.

Aubrie going through Jains purse. This was just before Jain freaked.

Jain hanging out by the pond.

Swing, batter!

Aleq is getting pretty good at this!

Will and Matthew retrieving the soccer ball.  I'm still not sure why they had their game right next to the pond.

Beautiful, huh?

They were usind shaving cream to help me clean the counter.


Her earring fell out so she had to have it pierced again.  Poor girl.

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