Sunday, September 23, 2012


I was asked to go yesterday, to the Utah Heart & Stroke Run/Walk. It is put on by the American Heart Association and it is unreal.  There are thousands of people there with a common goal of saving lives.  There were families running for a loved one they had lost, teams walking for children who suffer, some who have been effected in some form or another, survivors, volunteers, and just all around good hearted people. It was astounding to see the stream of red that was people walking and although I didn't have my camera with me at that crucial moment, just imagine a sea of red as far as you can see, including children on bikes, strollers, parents, teenagers, people with walkers, people in wheelchairs, groups of siblings, and stoic solo walker. It was very solemn and very joyful at the same time.
There were tents/booths set up all over offering things such as taking blood pressure, or support for teaching CPR in High Schools. And there were T shirts galore! Some had pictures on them, some had signs of stroke, some had big hearts, but my favorite was a group wearing shirts that read "Clot Busters".
All this was to help raise money for many things such as education. I really wonder where I would be if I had known more, the EMT's would have known more, the ER Doc would have known what was happening, or the Hospitalist or the people in the ICU would have had more education. Instead, even though I called 911 in time, I just sat for 10ish hours in the hospital, deteiorating with no meds or tests. It is obvious to me that this cause is urgent.
At first it was just my cousin and I who were going, but then my sister heard about it and my 3 brothers, my sister and I stayed in a hotel the night before, met up with my cousin, Emily, there and made it a really fun time just being together. I was so touched that they would all leave their families and spend their time doing nothing but making me happy. I loved it.
Usually when I am in big crowds I feel self conscious. I get stares, questions (not at all unwelcome), and looks of pity. But there I got hugs, laughter and groans about ailments from other survivors, respect, and the stares I got were full of understanding and encouragement. I loved being in that environment!
We will for sure be there next year and are already planning our T-shirt designs!!

Josh, Jed, Me, Matt, and Wendy and some of our swag.

At the tribute tent.

Emily and me. Hot!

Yep, had all the symptoms. If only...

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