Friday, October 12, 2012

Surgeries, Soccer & SEP

I have been too tired/busy to even think of posting this week. I think all the stress just got to me and all I have wanted to do is sleeep! But, being a mom  makes that impossible. How boring would my life be without my critters? Here is a quick summary of our week:
Robert:  He is healing well but still in some pain. His Doc found a hernia and removed it during the surgery, two birds, one stone. The pain is minimal, mostly annoying, and belts are now an enemy.
Jodi: Yesterday was 5 weeks from my hysterectomy. The infection I got after has been taken care of and I am feeling great. My Doc asked if I wanted a moment of silence for my periods. I answered emphatically, "No!" I have started back to exercising, as much as I didn't want to. When Jain saw me dressed  for the elliptical, she asked why I always have to exercise. I told her that it was really good for my body and that strokey moms can't jump on the trampoline, run around the yard, or play soccer like she can. That seemed to make sense to her but now she feels the need to tell me EVERY SINGLE TIME that she gets exercise. Good grief!
Aleq: He started a new pill 3 weeks ago. We had SEP conferences this week and finally it was a pleasant experience. His grades are always really high but behavior-wise... His teacher was all smiles and couldn't say enough about how fun he is to be around. He tells me every day how fun school is and that his teacher is so nice! Unlike previous pills, this one does not keep him awake all night, mellow him out like a zombie, or decrease/eliminate his appetite. It is like it is helping him control some impulses and allowing him to just be himself. Now others can see what we already know, that he is awesome!! He seems to be loving it. We have gotten our hopes up before, though, and about 5 weeks things seem to go south. We are all really hopeful.
Tommy: His SEP conference was great. He is doing really well in reading, math, etc. The only problem was his handwriting. He goes too fast and isn't always neat. I'm okay with that- maybe he will be a doctor. We went to dinner the other night and it was funny to watch him inch closer and closer until he was snuggled up next to Robert. That's normal for him but usually he ends up on our laps without us being fully aware of what is happening. I love it.
Ana Jain: She has school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday she notices the difference and asks when school is. Yesterday she told me that she has school on every tomorrow. She continues to love playing soccer and starts on Sunday to count the days until she gets to play again.  Her team name is the Pink Watermelons and she tells us that she is tough and always hustles. Super funny.
Our week was pleasantly normal. We needed this after our last few weeks.

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