Saturday, October 20, 2012

Who wants cookies?

Two things from my children:.
Jain: "Do you know who I love most? Daddy, Grandma, Wendy, and Jeeter & Coda (dogs)."  I laughingly asked, "What about me?" She quickly answered, "I don't even like you that much because you're too strokey." I burst right out laughing! This is the same girl who, during her soccer game, kept yelling, "I love you mom!" Saying she didn't like me that much was not smart considering I was rolling out cookie dough.
Aleq: "Mom, do you realize how important your children are?"  I replied that daddy and my kids were the most important things in my whole world. Then he said, "Do you realize how happy your kids are because of you?" My heart almost burst and then melted. Now he is getting cookies!!

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