Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Once again, an abuse post. But this one has a good outcome.
The abuse went on for just over a year.  During that time he had me so convinced of his being in the right and of my  having no way out, that to survive, I had to push away every instinct and prompting that this was wrong, I was correct in my feelings, and I could get help. he had me completely under his power. For a time.
he had given me a job cleaning dental instruments at his office. I realize now that this served many purposes for him, allowing him to show my parents how great he was by teaching me and helping me pay for school clothes that were so important to a 7th grader, while keeping me close by driving me to and from work, staying late at the office, etc.
On one particular day my mom and I had made plans to go school shopping right when I got home. After cleaning instruments all day, skip (still can't capitalize his name) was to drive me home but instead turned towards the local University and a parking lot there that was surrounded by bushes. he knew of a hollowed out part of a bush where no one could see and he would occasionally take me there. It was one of a couple of private hollows in bushes that he knew about. What grown man knows about private spots in bushes?
When I saw him turn towards the school, I told him that I needed to get home today, that my mom was expecting me. This was not in his plan for that afternoon and it made him angry. He turned the car around and headed for home. I don't remember that he said anything, just seeethed. When we got to my home, I hurried and got out and he hit the gas and was gone. This may have been another way to show me that he was angry?
As I walked to my door, something changed in me. I knew right then that I would never have it happen again.
School was starting so I couldn't work in his office much longer anyway, so stopping a few days early would not raise too many suspicions. I stopped going to play with his girls at their house. My mom and his girls asked questions but I always had an excuse about why I couldn't play at their house.
One morning a few days later, I was out in front of my house waiting for my ride to school when he came out of his garage, walked over to me, handed me a letter, and made a hastey retreat. The letter stated that he was terribly hurt by my actions. he couldn't even sleep. he said that I was hurting him. Um...
The following years were filled with more secrecy and a lot of pain but never again did he lay a finger on me. I know now that he wanted me to feel powerless but I had, had the power all along. I was and am stronger than he ever was.
And then one brave little girl stood up to him and because of her the police started an investigation that led to me. THANK YOU, MINDY!!!
But that can be written another day.

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