Friday, April 5, 2013

Code Blue

On the day of my stroke I went to the ER, then to a room, and eventually to the ICU. While I was there, Wendy was in the room and Robert was sitting by my side holding my hand. Josh was there by the room ready to give me a Priesthood Blessing. They came in and told Robert that I was going to be flown to the University of Utah.  Robert recalls that most people then left the room and maybe one nurse remained.
Moments later I started signing something. Wendy (fluent in ASL) said that I was signing "hurry". Within seconds I started seizing and a Code Blue was called. Robert says about 15 people ran in the room and told Wendy, "Ma'am, you have to leave." She just started crying and walked out. Josh was told to leave as well and he said a lot of people came running past him. Robert does not think they told him to leave but it wouldn't have mattered, he was going to stay put. He honestly thought I was dying. He remembers a lot of action and a blue bag helping me breathe.
My family was just outside the doors to the ICU and heard the Code called over the speaker and could see everybody running to my room. My mom immediately sat on the floor and Matt was right with her. Josh said he began yelling at the doctors. Apparently the chaos was not only in my room.
After about 5 or so minutes things began to calm down and Robert understood that they had stabilized me. They then began to prepare me for the flight to the U. Robert remembers that I was wrapped in something, like I was strapped down, and there was padding or air bags around me so I wouldn't bump around in the air.
They allowed him just a moment to hold my hand and tell me goodbye before they took me away. He said most of my family had already left for the U but Josh was there and tried to convince Robert to ride with him. Josh even took Roberts keys at one point. But Robert was persistent about wanting to be alone and eventually won the argument. I agree with Josh on this one but I had no say.
By the time Robert reached the U, only my mom  was with me as my family needed to wait in another area. They were preparing me for an Angiogram and waiting for Dr. Skalabrin to arrive.
For that moment, all was like the calm of the eye of a tornado.

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  1. I always tear up when I read about this. Not so much about your stroke. I know now that you are safe. I tear up about the devotion and love my brother has for his wife. He is my baby brother, but he teaches me through your writings how much I can learn from him. Jodi, I do love you, your children and I'm quite fond of your husband. Thank you for sharing. P