Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What we look for...

Last night in Family Home Evening, we were talking about the resurrection of Christ. We talked about that because of this gift, we will be able to have our bodies restored to us and they will be perfected.
The kids lit up and both Aleq and Ana Jain exclaimed, "Mama won't be strokey anymore!"
I love that Christ gave us this gift. I am very grateful. I love knowing that this body with all its limitations, is only temporary. One day I will walk without fear, talk with my real voice, kiss my husband without concentrating on making my lips pucker and although they will be past it, I will be able to help my kids learn to ride their bikes.
That will happen one day, but I have so much to be thankful for today. In the past ten minutes my boys cleaned their bathroom, my daughter came in and gave me a kiss while I was typing, and Robert brushed out my wet hair while I sat at the computer (he has never done that before! Maybe he was terrified of my looks).
I love the saying that what we look for, we find. Looking for and finding things to be thankful for does not come naturally to me. I have to make a conscious decision every single day that I won't give in to the grief. Some days it's really hard. A lot of days it's really hard. But so many people have asked me what good does negative thinking do? None. So every day as I slowly get out of bed, I make the decision to look for happiness. Every day I tell myself that I tomorrow is the day for staying in bed and wallowing, not today. Then tomorrow comes and I tell myself that again.  

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