Monday, April 29, 2013


My last post was not done on a good day. I am sorry, it is not my intention to complain. It's true that I have bad days (don't we all) and I just needed to vent.
The same night as my last post, Robert and I let the kids play in the other room while we talked. He listened while I talked and cried and then I listened while he talked and got a bit tearful, too. He reiterated to me how happy our children are. He reminded me of their relationships with me before the stroke and that we were super close! Then, one morning, I was just gone. Roberts parents suddenly moved in to care for them, their sister was taken away, and they only got to see daddy right before bed each night. When Robert would tuck them in at nights, Aleq would often break down sobbing and want things to be normal again.
And after a while, I came back to them! I remember the first day I was alone all day with them. It was like a dream! We were all so happy!! It has gotten better and we have all grown stronger with each passing day. I am reminded of the day just last week, when Tommy, out of nowhere, said, "I'm glad you didn't die."
I am blessed to have this time with my family. I have struggles, yes, but my life rocks!
I am allowed to have bad days, though.
Then on Saturday, we were outside chatting with our friends, the Stallings, on the little stone path between our houses. Robert had to help me up to the path because it is impossible for me to walk on it. After a few minutes he and Scott left to look at sprinklers. I stood there for a few seconds and then turned to Karen and said, "I'm stuck." We both burst out laughing and agreed that the men were really cruel for leaving. Karen, who weighs about 100 lbs after a big meal, had to help me off the path.
I realize that my life not only rocks but is quite comical too!

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