Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby Aubrie

Today I was lucky enough to go see the blessing of my niece. It was beautiful. She was beautiful. I always feel lucky to see babies be blessed but her parents and so many others waited so long for her to finally get here that today was extra special. As soon as the Sacrament was finished, her mom, Shanae, let me hold her for the rest of the meeting. I loved it! I felt that familiar weight as I cradled her. Aleq and I giggled at the sounds she made in her sleep and Tommy was just in awe that "it" was moving.

Jain was not blessed in our church building but in my moms home with family and close friends present. I had to have Wendy help me dress her and holding her unassisted was out of the question.  But the joy I felt that day could not have been greater.  I felt truly blessed to be alive, to have my little family all together, and to see my wonderful husband bless our miracle. It was small and personal and I loved every minute of that day!

Last night Jain spent the night at Wendy's and came to Aubries blessing with their family. Just before the meeting started, Jain ran over to where we were sitting to say hello and show us her lovely new outfit (Wendy spoils her a tiny bit). She then ran right back to be with Wendy's fam. When her 2nd family is around, we quickly fall in importance on her list. This doesn't bother me in the least. I know she loves us with all her heart. I feel so happy that she has another family who she loves, and knows they love her. Plus they have a hot tub so we could never compete!!

I got to hold baby Aubrie...

But this is my all time favorite girl!!

 Why do LDS folks bless babies? Go here.

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