Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Christmas etc.

I spent a few holidays in the hospital, and while I have good memories of them, they weren't the picture of happy family time. Wonder why!?

My first holiday was Christmas. I wouldn't allow any decorations. If I couldn't be home then I was going to ignore it and hope it ignored me. It didn't. First, my friend, Gillian, brought up a small tree that was way too cute to banish. Christmas Eve was really fun. Therapy, therapy, and more therapy. But I got a break for Christmas day. Family and friends made sure the day included visits, walks for them, rides for me, cards, and fun gifts.  I love the pictures of the kids done my sweet photographer friend. The gift from Robert was a different story. It was a camera that I had wanted for months and Robert and I had spent weeks choosing and we ordered it just days before my stroke. Annoyingly, my hands now shake so much that I have never even used the thing! Robert sure likes it, though :)

My anniversary is December 29. It was extremely romantic. Picture Robert and me squished together on my little bed, trying to avoid all my tubes, watching a movie (which I could barely see), and only a thin curtain seperating us from my sweet roommate, Dee. Talk about a recipe for romance!

New years eve was much the same as Christmas Eve with no break from therapy. I was exhausted and asleep by nine. My nurse did come by at midnight to give me a beautiful, plastic, 2008 necklace before I fell fast asleep again.

Other holidays were hardly noticed. I was transferred out of Rehab because my feeding tube had become dislodged, causing it's contents to spill all over inside of me. I had a severe infection which required numerous surgeries and a 3 week stay in the IMCU.

But I was back in Rehab by Valentines. Again, regular schedule of therapy fron 7:45 until 4:00ish. My sister-in-law, Lisa snuck in to decorate my room with a ton of hearts on which were written notes from my siblings. I loved it! That night Robert and I had another romantic evening. His big gift to me? I couldn't swallow so no treats, I didn't have any need for jewelry or clothes, we couldn't go out! Very cute socks with skulls wearing bows. Seriously, I couldn't love diamonds more. 

All in all my holidays were fun and memorable. I mean as fun as they could be in the hospital. Thanks to my family, friends, mom and Robert!

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