Saturday, June 30, 2012

San Antonio

There are a few cities that I think of as my favorites. Chicago, Savannah, and Ketchum rank high on my list. But by far my favorite is San Antonio, Texas. I had the pleasure of visiting here this week. Of course, I love the River Walk, and Tower of the Americas, and Alamo. But I love this city for so much more. The parks have so much space and fun areas to explore. There are absolutely delicious restaurants that are not in any  magazine. I love the smell of the the ocean in the mornings and the constant breeze. And I love, love, love the mix of German, traditional Texan, and Hispanic cultures. My friend, Megan, and I both feel that to really love this city, one must either have an extended stay or live here.
It was here that I first told about being sexually abused by a neighbor. I had to get through numerous conversations with prosecutors, really intense therapy, phone calls from people both supportive and not supportive and when I had to testify, I flew back to Utah while counting the minutes until I could return.
Through it all my family rallied around me and cared for me very gently and sweetly while showing their fierce loyalty. My ward took me under their wing and let me know they were right with me. And my younger brother's friends became like my own brothers and I have never felt so protected.
This is a city of healing and because my emotions were so raw when I lived here, it was able to imprint itself on me in a way that may only happen once in a lifetime. It is MY city.

They hate when I ask if there is a basement so you can bet I always ask!!

My old house. I took this picture from inside the car and then Robert sped off. Yep, we are stalkers.

Finally, an LDS Temple here.

The fountains in which  my "brothers" and I would play. Theres now a sign posted prohibiting wading. I like to think we had something to do with that.

My favorite sign ever. It made me laugh right out loud.

My hotel. Thanks, Roberts company!

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