Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ana Jain & Bentley
Bentley J is my cousin's little girl, born while I was still in the hospital. She has me wrapped around her little finger. When we see each other, she is quick with hugs and often just sits on my lap and talks with me. Thankfully, she is only 3 months younger than Jain so I know a lot of her likes and have no trouble getting her to open up.

She is very curious about my owies. She likes to touch my face and examine my trach and numerous leg scars. It is no secret that I look different but that isn't a bad thing.  Quite the contrary. She probably wouldn't even notice me if I were not interesting. I love that she is so open and doesn't seem to have a judgemental bone in her body.

Her name is Bentley J. Guess what the J stands for??  I love, love, love that she is named after me! It was one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever had. I often get emotional when I think of the honor. Thank you, Lindsey and Brady.

I love you, Bentley!

On a different note, I took six kids roller skating. Alone. Yep, I'm crazy.  They were really funny and I actually enjoyed it. Ana Jain was riding around the rink on her scooter and there was music playing overhead. Every few minutes she would stop, step down, and dance her little heart out. Then she would hop back on her scooter and ride away like nothing had happened.

Peace, Aleq

 Notice that Jaxon and Sam are in regular clothes but Tommy, as always, has on pajamas.

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