Friday, June 1, 2012


What a fun mom! Not me. My friend, Monica, had an end of school party for about 1000 kids. She rented a huge waterslide, had a bubble machine, cotton candy, water balloons, water guns, a HUGE pinata, hot dogs, treats, and water fights that were serious business. My critters had a blast!

He says it's a water whip
Keeping his brother warm. Sweet boy.
Like I said, camera shy.
Bribed her to show how good the cookie was.
Swing, Sito!

Go Sito!

That pinata is bigger than she is!
Playing in the bubbles.

 The whole day my sweets kept checking on me, bringing me water, holding my hand while I walked, and carrying everything, even if it was only a napkin. In a way I wish they didn't have to, but I love that they take care of me!!

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