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I can't pretend that I know the emotions felt by others. I really can't take those on so Iwill just give what I have been told and leave a lot of the emotion to the imagination.
As I said earlier, Robert was with me at the hospital.  At one point he was told it was probably meningitis and I would be fine. So he went home to see our kids etc. By the time he got back I had gotten much worse.  He refused to leave my side and, aside from the testing, didn't let go of my hand until they took me to the helicoptor.  Once they knew to go to the U, my family all volunteered to drive him there. He flat out refused. My brother, Josh even took Robert's car keyes. Nobody thought he was in any condition to drive. But he wanted to be alone.  At the hospital, he and my mom waited with me while the others were in the waiting room.  He says the ER was really quiet with dimmed lights.  Then Dr. Skalabrin got there and that all changed. People were running, orders were being shouted, and the whole room was organized chaos. But Dr. Skalabrin would stop what she was doing, take a knee, and explain what was happening, complete with pictures. Then up she would jump, yelling more orders and running around to do stuff herself. Robert and my mom were then led to a small waiting room. He says he had to lie on the floor with his feet on a chair just to get his breathing under control. When the Doctor came out to tell him that their best efforts were not working but that they had an idea, he didn't immediately say yes. He knew me. He knew that I would never just want to be TECHNICALLY alive. The Doctor said that although she couldn't make promises, she really thought that I would be able to enjoy life again. That was all Robert needed to hear and he signed the consent.  The Doctor told him that if he had a miracle in  his pocket, he should pull it out. He sat there, waiting for word, and planned how to tell our boys that their mommy was in heaven. When she finally came out, the Doctor told him it was over. He honestly thought I was dead. That couple of seconds is something he still doesn't really talk about. When she realized her mistake, Dr. Skalabrin quickly corrected it and explained that the procedure had worked and now it was just "wait and see" as to how much brain damage there was. By this time he was physically and emotionally exhausted so he went home for a few hours of rest before returnng to my side early the following morning.
My Mom:
Robert called her while I was still in the ambulance so she was there all day as well.  I assume she called my siblings but I honestly don't know. She was the one to relieve Robert when he went home for a bit. She was leading my family in prayers but was a mess as I began to deteriorate. At the U, she and Robert were together the whole time, except when she would walk down the hall to relay information to my family and friends who were gathered. Upon hearing that I needed a miracle, she walked down to them and told them that they had to make it happen. She has such great faith and fully expected a miracle. After hearing that the procedure had worked, she walked down the hall with Robert and just gave a thumbs up to my family. Afterwards, she too went home for a much needed rest before returning the next morning, and every morning the whole time I was in the hospital.
Papa and Naya (Robert's parent's):
They were up from St. George for my baby shower, which was supposed to be later that night. Because they were staying at their condo in Orem, they were able to be at the hospital quickly. Papa assisted Robert with giving me a blessing and then they went right over to take care of my kids. When they flew me to the U, Scott called Karen, and she came over to take the kids. Naya was really reluctant to leaveethems, but Karen told her she had to! At the U, they were just waiting with the rest of my family.  At one point, they left to get something to eat but before they even got a couple miles away, Robert called them back because he needed them there. They were upset that my family had not driven Robert down. They knew their son well enough to see that he shouldn't have driven. They also know how headstrong he is so once they knew the story, they understood. Once they knew that I was okay for the night, they went back to my house to care for my critters. Little did they know, they would be taking care of them for nearly two more years!!
Wendy's family:
When Wendy first heard that I was in the hospital, she asked to be kept informed. It was her daughters birthday so she had to work and then spend the evening with Kaitlyn. Once she got the call that it was more than a headache and they were moving me to the ICU, she and her husband, Kevin, and her daughter, Kaiylyn, rushed to the hospital. During the next few hours, she did what she does under stress, and scratched the heck out of her arms. She has no idea why but thats what she does. At one point a nurse caught her attention, held up her name tag, and told Wendy to remember her name for later. The staff knew what was happening or not happening was wrong. At the U, she did the other thing she does under stress, she curled up into a ball and lay her head on Kevin's lap. When they knew that the Doctors were trying one last thing, Kevin commented that it was going to work. When asked why, he replied that if it didn't, his whole family would lose their testimonies. It had only been 10 months since my dad had unexpectedly died and Kevin didn't think his family could take losing me, too.Wendy said she just knew that night that she needed to get AJ. So the following day, she did and kept her and loved her for over a year more.
Craig and April:
They were living back east and keeping in touch throughout the day. Craig kept asking if he needed to come and my mom, hoping that I would be fine, kept telling him no.  After talking with Josh, though, he hopped on a plane. Saint April stayed home with their 5 (at the time) kids. Before boarding, Craig just knew that they were trying something and that it probably wouldn't work. Can you imagine that plane ride? When he got off the first flight, he immediately called. When he heard that the procedure had worked and I would probably live, he just sat down on the floor by the phone and sobbed.
Jed and Lisa, Matt:
I know very little about what happened with these 3.  I know they were all at both hospitals, praying, crying, etc. Lisa went and got Pizza for everybody so nobody would have to leave.  Matt does the same as Wendy and he too curled into a little ball with his head covered. 
Josh and Shanae:
Again, I know very little about Shanae, just that she was there some of the time, but had to be with her kids.  I know she helped Josh start calling everybody they knew to start praying. Josh is a bit more vocal than the rest. As I stated before, he had had enough waiting for tests,and went to radiology himself to light a fire under them. He took it upon himself to call the cousins and our friends to let them know what was happening. He was the one who told Craig to come, and at the U, he led the family in a prayer. He was a very busy man!
Karen and Scott Stallings:
They were the first call (after 911) Robert made that morning. Karen was with the kids until Papa and Naya got there. Scott had to work but stopped by Davis on his way home. Karen was the host of my baby shower and had to call all the guests to cancel it. Sometime during the day the Bishops wife was sent to be with Karen as Scott thought she could use some support on this very stressful day. When I was being flown to the U, Karen came to stay with my kids while Papa and Naya went to be with Robert. Later, she took AJ home and Scott stayed with the boys. Poor Scott. Tommy was signing to him and Scott had no idea what Tommy wanted.
Bishop Watson:
He was at Davis and then later at the U. He was with my family throughout the whole thing. When my mom told the family that they had to make a miracle happen, they were all too in shock to even move, so the Bishop offered the prayer. My family speaks of him with reverence and respect and we are all thankful he was there.
Amy( my cousin) etc.:
Amy was receiving messages and then passing them along to her mom and sisters and they were relaying the info to others. It was a very emotional day for them all. Amy got a migraine from all the stress, and when she got the word that I was out of surgery and sedated for the night, she took a sleeping pill, turned off her phone, and fell sound asleep. Unfortunately she forgot to call others with the good news. So after repeated unanswered calls, her sister, Lindsey, fearing that I had died and Amy was too upset to call, drove to her house and pounded on the door until Amy answered.
There are so many other people involved and my story has just begun, but THE day was finally over! Miracles happened and I'm here to write it all!!
But I can only type with one finger and it's had enough!

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