Tuesday, May 22, 2012


On Sunday there was solar eclipse. Not a total eclipse of the heart, but still good. (That reference was for you, Monica.) The whole experience was great!
Tommy heard about it a couple of months ago in school and came home to tell me what would happen. He made sure I knew we needed special glasses for it. So a few weeks ago, I ordered glasses and had them all ready. When the big day finally arrived, it illustrated the differences among all 3 critters.
Aleq: He was anxious all day and kept asking questions about how long it would last, if we could see it from our deck or have to drive somewhere, if the glasses really would work, if we should close the blinds to keep it from getting in the house, etc. When it finally started, we sat in the back yard with
Roberts parents and chatted and ate brownies. Aleq made sure his back was toward the sun and every time he walked anywhere, he shaded or closed his eyes, and occasionally bumped in to things. We explained that the Sun was no more dangerous than normal, but was sure he would go blind.
Tommy: He was very excited and his only concern was that his friend, Jaxon, would not realize that he needed special glasses and go blind. So after a reassuring call, he was ready to get started. He had to be repeatedly reminded not to look without glasses. During the eclipse, he and I played rock, paper, scissors. He added TNT dynamite, a bomb. and glasses. I never did catch on to what beat what and just waited for his lead after throwing a sign.
Jain: I still don't think Jain has any idea there was an eclipse. She was just happy with the brownies and her sidewalk chalk.
The grass is very uneven ground so I can't walk on it. I often try, much to the delight of my family. Robert figures that it is soft enough that I won't get hurt if I fall so he backs off if I ask him to.  However, Sunday he was protective and wouldn't let me try. He helped me in and out of my seat, carried things for me, and made sure I held his arm while we walked. He always does this other places but I don't often let him help me at home. It was yet another reminder of how much he thinks of, worries about, and takes care of me. I sure do love him.
My super cool critters in their eclipse glasses.

Jain totally ignoring the Sun.
 All in all it was a wonderful evening. Just sitting outside, playing with the kids, laughing and talking, and doing a whole lotta nothin! Oh, and the eclipse was fine, too.

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