Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mothers Day

It has been a few days since mothers day and I have yet to post. I guess it's because it is such a tender subject that I needed some distance from the actual day or I would get all emotional and my husband would roll his eyes and my kids would say, "Moms happy crying. Again."
On the day of my stroke, I nearly lost all 3 of my children and Robert. If I had died, I know I would count the seconds until we were together again. And I really do love that I get to have my family together forever. But I want to be a mommy. Here. Now.

This stroke took so many things from me. Being gone nearly two years, I missed Christmas at home, lost teeth, new words, haircuts, bad dreams, snuggles, etc. And I missed all of Ana Jain's firsts. But I got so much in return. I have such fun memories of nurses gowning up and rushing to my room when they heard my baby was there, Aleq getting wheelchair rides, Tommy wearing his yellow boots, orange sweats, and bomber jacket and clomping down the hall to my room. My kids were involved in much of my therapy and that involved a lot of laughs and mommy proud moments. I have so many sweet memories through this whole thing.

And now? I get tons of hugs, I love you signs, snuggles, jokes, etc. And because I have to be slower paced, we have many "boring" days of hut building, story reading, anf just playing together. I love it!

For just a second I want to write about my Jain's other mommy. The day after my stroke, my sister, Wendy came to get my baby. She kept her for over a year. Jain slept in a playpen an Wendy's closet. It's a big closet. She used to take her to work and put her under the desk. When Wendy cleaned, she had to sing at the top of her lungs every time she would leave the room. When Jain was sick, she would lay her on her lap and massage her.  When Jain was really sick, Wendy was the one to take her to the doctor. Wendy was the one to snuggle her, comfort her, hold her, feed her and love her.  Jain still has a soft spot in her heart for Wendy and her whole family. I hope they will always stay close. And I am forever thankful that while I was away, Jain had such love and happiness surrounding her. My love for Wendy was always big but now it a whole new and wonderful layer.

Jain and Wendy on Mothers Day. Jain hated having her picture taken but wanted to show how pretty she had made Wendy.

And never fear Mom and Naya, your post is coming!!

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