Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial day. It started on Sunday with a visot to my dad's grave. Earlier in the day, Aleq found out that my dad coached my brothers in soccer so he put on his soccer shorts, soccer t shirt, and took his soccer ball with him to grampas grave.
The next morning, we all drove to Charleston (Utah not South Carolina) to visit the Carlson family graves. We then had lunch and then played at a park in Heber for a bit. To finish out the day we got shakes at Dairy Keen. Ahhhhh.
I miss my dad every day. It breaks my heart that my children don't know him yet. I think of his humor and the times during the past while that he would have made me smile during hard times. Through all of this there have been times when I just wanted my daddy.
However, I feel very strongly that he has been fighting for me on the other side. There have been times when I have felt him with me, helping and motivating in a way he never could have done had he been here. I know, also, that he has strengthened and comforted those around me, especially my mom and Robert. I love you, dad. Thank you.

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