Thursday, May 24, 2012


Pardon me yet another mommy proud post. Yesterday Ana Jain had her graduation from the FIRST year of preschool. My feelings on this are echoed by Mr. Incredible who said it was only a celebration of mediocraty. And still, when each of my kids have done this, I get so proud and just know they are the smartest and cutest 4 year old in the whole wide world.
They sang songs and each child had a part. AJ stood right up, walked up to the mike and said her part that she had worked and worked on. Unfortunately, her voice is like the rest of her (small) and only the front row could hear it. But she made me melt.
When it was over, she did not want pictures or treats, only to go home. We werent home 5 minutes before she complained of feeling sick and wanted to snuggle with me. Sure enough, a fever. For the past two days I have gotten to do nothing but hold her and love on her. I hate that she's sick but I'm loving all this cuddling!
I know that others would and did step in for me and would love my kids with all their souls. But nobody can love and cuddle my babies like I can. I'm so blessed to be their mommy, here and now.

AJ and Miss Katie

The Pledge

We've been in preschool all year long, learning and singing silly songs.

fell asleep after a long night!

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