Thursday, May 31, 2012

Murder Scene

Today I cut myself while shaving. Really, a tiny nick. But with my medications it looked like a murder scene in my bathroom. I washed it, jumped out stood on the tile (the blood would ruin the rug) and hurried to towel off enough that I wouldn't make a small swimming pool in the bathroom. As I walked across the long rectangular room to get a tissue,  I left bloody footprints with every step. I got the tissue and applied pressure for a while and then put on a Snow White bandaid. Sheesh! This is yet another reson I HATE shaving!

See the gaping wound on the right side of my foot? Tragic, huh?
On a totally different subject, today I finished reading, Heaven Is Here, by Stephanie Nielson. I loved this book for so many reasons and we had so many feelings in common. She was told by Elder Holland that her scars were a witness of a miracle. This brought tears to my good eye as I realized that just letting myself be seen can be a form of bearing my testimony of the love of The Lord. 
She spoke about hiking up to the Y in provo on  the 1 year anniversary of her accident. I hate to admit this, but I'm a little jealous. At my 1 year anniversary I still had around the clock care, was in a wheelchair with feeding tube, was nowhere near living at home, and was still too fragile to even attend church.
However, she speaks of the pain she still lives with, her numerous future surgeries, and the daily struggles she still has. I realized her life isn't better than mine, just different, and I'm willing to bet that neither of us would trade places for a minute.

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