Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

I know this is a day late but we were really busy yesterday. :)
Happy Fathers Day to all the grreat dads I know. I especially want to thank my dad who taught and loved me so well. I miss you. And Roberts dad for raising such a good man and being such a wonderful dad to me and papa to my kids.Wherre would we be without you?!
And mostly, thank you to Robert who made everything that is worth it, possible. I sure love you!!

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  1. Hey Jodi! It's Trish...Gibson...Donahoe, you know, THAT Trish! I love that mentioned something about your blog! I can't wait to read through the whole thing. It prompted a question from me to you. I know you are excited now! Can you email or text me your phone number or email address? I can give you the brief synopsis so you can be prepared to give an answer...a ha ha ah ha. Now I KNOW you are excited! The theme of our youth conference this weekend is Miracles Never Cease. Apparently the guy who was planning to kick it off with a fireside this Thursday night had to cancel so they sent out an email to all the youth leaders to see if we knew anyone that might be interested in speaking. I immediately thought of you as soon as they said "miracles." :) Anyway, I don't know if you do the fireside thing, or if you would even be available or interested nonetheless. And considering it is late notice, I don't want you to feel obligated, BUT if you ARE interested, I think you would be fantastic and the kids would love to here your story. Let me know what you think. Whew! That was a long message! is my email 801.663.3808 is my cell. Thanks Jod!