Thursday, July 19, 2012


Last night I went to Walmart again because Robert requested more stuff for our vacation. Okay, I was so concerned with feeding the kids that I forgot things besides goldfish and gogurts. On the way out I heard a girl say, "Is that Jodi?" I turned around and had no idea who she was. One of those awkward moments.  She quickly explained that she was Shanae's friend and had met my boy, Tommy, on numerous occasions when he was over at Shanae's house. "I saw your daughter and thought, that's Tommy's face on that girl, so I knew it had to be you." I think this means we have never met before so I don't feel so bad. She then helped me put my groceries in my car and even took my cart for me.  It may have been easy and small to her but to me it was huge. As I have said before, taking groceries out of the cart and lifting them into the car really taxes me. And putting the cart away means I have to walk back without it's help and it's always a little scary in that parking lot.

It put me in a good mood all night and once again, showed how kind people are. Thank you, Andrea!

And while we are nowhere near the subject, let me tell you how cool I am.  A while ago I was cooking something on the stove and using my left hand to stir. My hand started to feel strange, not pain, just strange. So I wondered if maybe the spoon were too hot and grabbed it with my right hand. HOT!! I only touched it for a second before dropping it, but it was long enough to burn my palm. Nothing serious but still. Not one mark on my left hand.

Then last night at dinner Jain asked how I got my owie. I was confused until I looked on the back of my left arm and saw a pretty good sized scrape. Again nothing serious but enough to have to wash off the dried blood. I have no clue how or where it came from.

When I had the nerve transplant, he took the nerves from the back of each leg so now I am totally numb back there. I do still get phantom pains and itches.  He took the nerves from my legs and hooked them to one side of my face and strung them all the way across to the other. As they started to grow, if I touched the left side of my face, I could feel it on the right side.

You can say all you want about nerve damage or regeneration but my kids and I know the truth. I'm a super hero!

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