Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My dear friends, Ben and Carol Huff, need your help. Their daughter, Lizzie, is only a bit older than my Tommy who is 6, and already has many health issues. She had a brain tumor and after having emergency surgery to remove it, she suffered a stroke. She has so many side effects from both of these issues and she both breaks my heart and inspires me. They are an exceptional family.
This evening I received news that little Lizzie has suffered another stroke. Ben and Carol are in Europe on vacation and are scrambling to get home to their little girl.
I have spoken with Carol's mom and she told me that although there are some encouraging signs, Lizzie is far from out of the woods and the family is scared.
Robert and I know that at this time there is little we can do for this family. The medical team will do all they possibly can for her but right now, she needs much more than that. She needs Heavenly Father.
So I am asking for all who read this to remember Lizzie, her family, and her Doctors in your prayers. Even a small prayer in your heart would help.
To read more about this wonderful family, click on their link on the right side of my blog. Careful, though, you just might fall in love with this little girl!

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