Monday, August 13, 2012


Yesterday we asked the kids what they liked most about Christmas.  Here are the answers.

Aleq: Presents! Well, Jesus. Well we have to be like Jesus to get presents.

Tommy:  (He uses question and answer interchangeably) Presents. I mean the birth of Christ. I was afraid I wouldn't say the right question.

Ana Jain:  Grandma comes home from her mission right before!!

Also yesterday, Aleq told the other 2 that they were going adventuring. So after changing into their Sunday afternoon uniforms (P.J.'s and soccer clothes) they put on adventuring hats and backpacks and started digging for treasure in the yard. Then they all went on an adventure mission to take some bread to Papa and Nenni (Robert's parents) down the street.  Totally sweet.

My adventurers. Notice Tommy's arm around Aleq's shoulders.

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