Friday, August 31, 2012


Aleq is playing a soccer game right now and I am not there.  I love his games and have been known to show a bit too much emotion. Thank goodness my voice is so weak that the refs can't hear me.
But today it is raining. I am not able to run or even walk fast so I would be drenched by the time I made it to my seat. And Robert has to carry 2 chairs and an umbrella while holding my arm and by the time we got to the field we would both be a soggy mess. And the wet grass is nearly impossible for me to not slip on.
So I have to sit at home and fret the whole time. Stupid stroke!
This is one of the many times I hate the damage done to my body. I feel like there is not one aspect of my life that has not been effected. Times like today are really hard and I have to fight, fight, fight not to let the self pity take over.
But Robert is at the game with him. Aleq has a good daddy. Jain is in her playroom singing her heart out and Tommy is sitting right next to me, playing a game. Seriously, I should be smacked for wanting something different right now. My life is great.
And I just got a call that Aleq's team won and he played well. I'm a happy mom.
On another note, last night I had a dream that I went to visit someone in the hospital and the staff took one look at me and, despite my protests, put me in a wheelchair and headed for the ICU. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't be visiting there in the near future.:)

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